Anne of Green Gables Readalong – April 2013 – Sign-up here!

anne readalongWelcome to the Anne of Green Gables readalong sign-up post. Here are the details:

Who: You, me and Dupree.

What: As the star character of L.M. Montgomery’s famous series Anne of Green Gables, Anne (with an ‘e’!) Shirley, with her braids of fiery red hair, unending chatter, limitless imagination and unshakeable optimism, has been of the most cherished literary heroines around the world for more than 100 years.

An orphan since her parents died of fever when she was an infant, Anne long dreamed of finding a real home and a real family. Sent by mistake to Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert – an elderly brother and sister living in Prince Edward Island – Anne is sure that she has found her place in the world once and for all.

(From the blog)

Why: If you’re anything like Anne, you’re probably very curious. And if you’re curious about Anne, this is the best way to find out what makes her so special.

When: For the entire month of April! … or so.

How: You can sign-up using the widget below to link to your blog or join by posting in the comments box below. I will post discussion questions at the end of each week where you can link any additional blog posts or just add your thoughts on the book. We’re all busy, so joining the discussion is optional but definitely makes the experience more enjoyable!

Let’s hit it!

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12 responses to “Anne of Green Gables Readalong – April 2013 – Sign-up here!

  1. YAY! I signed up in the little linky thing too :) Thank you for offering this readalong!

  2. Hooray! Now you have to make a delicious cake so we can celebrate! :)

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  4. The 1986 movie with Megan Follows as Anne Shirley, Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla, and most wonderfully Richard Farnsworth as Matthew, is well worth seeing. Watch it after you read the book, of course; the book should tell its own story first.

  5. One of my absolute favorite books!! Couldn’t help myself, had to join in the fun :DD

  6. Oh boy, I’m so late knowing about this event, but I will sign-up as well ’cause Anne Shirley was in my TBR List :D Count me in !!

    • Thrilled to have you join us! The book is a light, quick read and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I really loved it, but I think I’m going to say that about all the girly books on my list. Enjoy!

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