Top 5 Blogger Book Reviews – Anna Karenina

blogluvWhat an amazing world of book bloggers is out there! When I become obsessed with someone/something (like Anna Karenina the character/book), I will consume as much minutiae as I can Google until the next obsession comes along. Not good when you have a 227 chapter ebook to read. However, some reviews either provided fresh insight into the book or were just plain fun to read. Here are my top five blogger book reviews for Anna Karenina:

The Epic Re-read of Anna Karenina (Dead White Guys)

Best review without question. Please tell me how you really feel, Amanda! Sigh, I have a girl crush on this blogger.

Favourite quote: I seriously thought long and hard about why Anna grated my nerves so much. It’s not because she’s an adulteress – half the characters in the book cheat on their spouses or sleep around before they’re married and you love them (Oblonsky, anyone? I wanna chill with this guy). It’s because she just WHINES. INCESSANTLY. ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Wrapped Up and Lined in Fur (Classic Case of Madness)

Christine’s posts feel like I’m reading an email from a bestie. The review she posted on Anna Karenina hit on many interesting points (yes, Levin totally should share the main character credit!) and if we were talking in person, I would be constantly saying, “OMG, I thought so too!”

Favourite Quote (not from review): I’m sure by now you’ve been over to your local Banana Republic and scoped out the Anna Karenina line of clothing. Maybe you even got your holiday allotment of fur and sparkle while you were there. Personally, I’ve been shopping the signature Dolly Oblonsky line available at our local second-hand store.

LiterEature 101: Anna Karenina (Coriander Dreams)

Now here’s a real marriage made in heaven: food and literature. I love how Alya was inspired by Anna Karenina to create something to die for (hardee har har) in the kitchen. So we not only get a book review, but also her sumptuous recipes for molten chocolate lava cake and Russian tea cakes.

Favourite quote: Oh my. I admit I fell so far in over my head with this novel that all I could do was float down the outer layers of storytelling and enjoy that ride.

Anna Karenina Parts 1 & 2, Parts 3 – 8 (Dead Author’s Club)

This was the first review that got me thinking that maybe I loved reading Anna Karenina because someone possibly had translated Tolstoy’s book to read like Jane Austen. Still thinking about this … But it’s also nice to find a blogger who didn’t mind all of the philosophical ruminations on farming by Levin.

Favourite Quote: Personally, I enjoyed Tolstoy’s meditations on Russian farming, and nature, and religion significantly more than I enjoyed the psychological destruction of Anna and the two men who were involved with her.

The Day She Caught the Train (Book Rhapsody)

I love how Angus tells the story of how after an unsuccessful group reading, he reads at his own pace and discovers that you just can’t put a masterpiece on a deadline. I had been killing myself to get through the book, but reading his post made me realize that Anna Karenina is like a fine aged wine – I should be savouring it, not gulping it down.

Favourite quote: Not only is it a doorstopper that would give you a sense of victory after flipping the last page, it is also an epic in the truest sense of the word where the characters live longer than the reading time expended, and probably even longer than our human lives.

If you have blogged about Anna Karenina, send me a link to your review. Thanks!


5 comments on “Top 5 Blogger Book Reviews – Anna Karenina

  1. Angus Miranda
    January 4, 2013

    Thanks so much for this. I am truly humbled. 🙂


    • ebookclassics
      January 4, 2013

      It was a great review. Look forward to following your future literary adventures.


  2. Christina Joy
    January 4, 2013

    Thank you so much for the link to our blog, and for posting all of these other great reviews. I hope our classics cross paths again soon.

    Your Bestie at A Classic Case of Madness

    P.S. You think Anna is a bad mother? Just wait until you meet Emma Bovary. Woowee.


    • ebookclassics
      January 4, 2013

      Madame Bovary is on my list … but I need some *lighter* reading after AK. Any suggestions?


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