Anna Karenina Minutiae

Anna KareninaFor Anna Karenina fans, some fun (or deep) links to check out from tweets you may have missed:

@newyorker analysis of Anna Karenina. Love story? Not in the “you complete me” sense. Is that why AK is revered?

I was way off with this tweet. I have re-read this article several times as I think it provides the most insight into Tolstoy’s intentions.

Francine Prose on #annakarenina: “…I inevitably feel as if I’m getting a sort of pep talk from Tolstoy…”

Definitely showing my tweeting naivete with this one. Why didn’t I just say this is a cool article from @guardian where 5 authors talk about how Anna Karenina is a masterpiece? Duh …

Why is French spoken so widely in #annakarenina? Some insight from @MaVieFrancaise.

It was nice to get some followers from @MaVieFrancaise and no longer be alone on my Twitter island with the bots and pay tweet “friends”.

#annakarenina and the “woman question”. No education, legal rights. As long we can dress like #keiraknightley, right?

Okay, I’ll admit I want to dress like Keira Knightley too (sigh).

@globebooks @LeahMcLaren on adultery in fiction. Do we all secretly love a doomed relationship?

Um, yeah, cuz we ain’t all like Brangelina.

@Ernielow has a fun comparison of the worst #annakarenina book covers. My fave is the train tracks. Ouch!

Still love that cover!

May contain spoilers! Book vs. movie: Excerpt + clip of snowy train station scene

I’ve run out of cute things to say because it’s 2:23 am.

Marriage advice from Tolstoy? via @LoriLowe

Thought about my husband.

Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow reading #AnnaKarenina? Swoon! @justjared

Coldplay. Emma … I mean, Gwyneth Paltrow. Nuff said.

If you checked out any of these links, let me know what you think. Thanks!


Thoughts? Comments?

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