Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Minutiae

Not sure what is up with this book cover.

A wee bit late, but here are some of the fun links I posted on Twitter for Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Cinderella on Facebook because she’s depressed? Of course she is! Fairy Tales For 20-Somethings via @ThoughtCatalog

Not that I can’t relate!

Choose your own Grimm’s Fairy Tales @natgeo

Couldn’t seem to get the version where all the evil mothers die.

Fairy tale expert Jack Zipes on motives of the Brothers Grimm. via @publicdomainrev

Mr. Zipes is very passionate on this subject!

Google doodle of Little Red Riding Hood set to music.


Yowza, even the Governator has been scared by Grimm’s Fairy Tales!

But he’ll be back …

Germany celebrates Grimm’s Fairy Tales with megafest.

Guess they need something to do until Oktoberfest.

Now reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Just in time for the bicentennial and Hollywood fairy tale madness.

Let the heads roll!

Tell me what you think if you take a peek at any of these links.


Thoughts? Comments?

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