Anne of Green Gables Read-along – Week 1

anne readalongWelcome to the Anne of Green Gables Read-along! I’m so excited to not only be reading L.M. Montgomery’s book for the first time, but also to be joined by such a fun group of readers! I don’t have a reading schedule planned, but will post weekly discussion questions: one post will be fairly general to avoid spoilers and one page with an alert for discussions containing spoilers. Yes, double the fun! As this is my first time hosting a read-along, I will do my best to keep our discussions engaging.

Facts about Anne with an “E”

  • Written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and published in 1908
  • L.M. Montgomery drew upon her own childhood experiences in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Sold 19,000 in the first 5 months of publication
  • Adapted as films, TV series and movies, animated TV series, plays and musicals
  • L.M. Montgomery awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935
  • L.M. Montgomery was voted one of the Top 20 Canadian heroes of the 20th Century in 1999
  • Anne of Green Gables is a registered trademark owned jointly by the Province of Prince Edward Island and the estate of L.M. Montgomery
  • The book became part of the Japanese school curriculum in 1952 and Anne has played a special part in Japanese culture with her exotic red hair and comic outspokenness
  • Polish soldiers were issued copies of a Montgomery novel to take to the front with them in the Second World War

My Experience

During the Canadian part of my childhood, I watched the Anne of Green Gables TV series. I loved Anne’s adventurous spirit. She was brave and engaged with the world, I remember wishing I could be more like her. I cringed when things went badly for her, but felt good when she learned her lesson and things worked out. Anne is an orphan and even as a kid, I was always interested in how children managed without their parents. Not sure why there was never an opportunity to read the book.

My boyfriend (now husband) and I visited Prince Edward Island during a Maritimes road trip in 2006. We visited Green Gables and several other historical places significant to Anne. My boyfriend refused to go to the Anne amusement park or go see the musical much to my disappointment. We were fascinated by the number of Japanese couples getting married and having an Anne-themed wedding. This is how I first learned how much the Japanese adore Anne of Green Gables. PEI is astonishingly beautiful and we always talk about going back.

Discussion Questions

What is your experience with Anne of Green Gables? Have you ever read the book or seen one of the adaptations?

Orphans are some of the most fascinating characters in classic books. Why do we find them so interesting? Who is one of your favourite orphan characters?

You can provide your answers below in the comment section or link to your blog post (will provide link widget soon!). If you’re tweeting about the read-along, use the hashtags #AnneGG and #cceventsched.

Happy reading!


3 comments on “Anne of Green Gables Read-along – Week 1

  1. jackiemania
    April 5, 2013

    I’ve never read Anne or seen any of the adaptations until last year-ish (I’m 43!)! I feel like I really missed out, because I would have LOVED Anne as a girl. I 101% love the book more than the film, although I think Megan Follows is the perfect Anne.

    Orphans: There’s Anne, Jane Eyre, and David Copperfield — all three are dear to my heart.


    • ebookclassics
      April 6, 2013

      I feel like I’m coming a little late to the game too in my – ahem – late thirties. But reading the book right now, makes me feel all giddy inside and happy to be a girl. Wheeee!


      • ebookclassics
        April 6, 2013

        I think Anne Shirley is fast becoming my second favourite orphan. But ultimately I love Jane Eyre – she was quiet and introverted, but mentally and emotionally strong.


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