Classics Retold Event – Tristan and Iseult

classicsretoldBook bloggers have all the fun, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m very excited to be signing up for the massive Classics Retold event hosted by Books Take You Places under the Ancient to Renaissance Lit Classics category. I’m reading Tristan and Iseult by Joseph Bedelier because it’s a shamelessly romantic story about doomed lovers. It will be the first time I read this book.

Tristan and Iseult originated in the 12th century and pre-dates the Arthurian legends it has been famously believed to have influenced. The story tells the tale of how the Cornish knight, Tristan (also known as Tristram) was responsbile for delivering the Irish princess Iseult (also known as Isolde) to be the bride of his uncle, King Mark. However, a magic potion the young knight and princess drink causes them to fall madly in love with each other. The young lovers decide to do the honourable thing and turn their back of love. Iseult marries King Mark and then it’s unhappy times for everyone.

For this event I plan to read the Bedélier book and maybe also:

~ Read a historical romance (let’s turn-up the romance)


~ Watch Tristan and Isolde (2006) with James Franco and Sophia Myles (I find James Franco strangely fascinating)

~ Listen or watch Richard Wagner’s opera Tristan und Isolde (maybe not the whole thing)

What classic will you be reading?

11 comments on “Classics Retold Event – Tristan and Iseult

  1. Alison
    April 15, 2013

    I love that you already have your media planned out. Hope you enjoy all of it!


    • ebookclassics
      April 16, 2013

      Thank you!. I’m trying to be organized, but let’s see where I’m at by September. By the way, I was very close to picking a children’s classic but I think the ancient/renaissance category is harder and I’d need lots of motivation. So this event is perfect!


      • Alison
        April 16, 2013

        I know, I had a hard time choosing my classic as well. Don’t forget, you are allowed to do guest posts on other classics if you want. 🙂


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  3. Alyssa
    May 8, 2013

    THE MOVIE IS SOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!! I am go glad that you are participating 😀

    I know that it is hard reading ALL THE BOOKS, but try the series by Rosalind Miles, SO VERY GOOD.


    • ebookclassics
      May 8, 2013

      Ooh, thank you. I will definitely check out one of her books. I can’t wait to watch the movie since it looks ridiculously romantic, but not not sure what other movies are out there. Any suggestions? Guess I will have to do some research.


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  5. Jorie
    September 6, 2013

    Hallo again! 🙂

    I appear to have missed the part where your in Classics Re-Told too! I am a latecomer, but I made up for it quite fast! My review of Pride and Prejudice should be live either Friday or Saturday! I skipped working on it in order to get my Intro Post set up instead! I am in the *19th Century & Gothic Classics* under Bookish Whimsy’s side of the Challenge! 🙂 This is the one movie that I wanted to see ever so badly, only then, to realise it was based on literature!!!

    I was so betwixt what to do, that I still have not seen it! Do you think its best to see it before reading the book OR to read the book!?


    • ebookclassics
      September 6, 2013

      I think it would be best to read the book first. Look forward to reading your P&P review!


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