Anne of Green Gables – Week 3 – Imagination vs. Reality

anne readalong* Contains spoilers

Anne Shirley is always assessing the “scope of imagination” in people, places and things, often romanticizing every last detail to death. But it becomes clear that a vivid imagination can be too much of a good thing, especially when Anne’s fantasies get her into trouble. She frequently loses perspective on reality, such as describing the scary ghosts of the Haunted Wood so well she becomes terrified of her own fabrication.

I came across an interesting blog project that, among other ideas, applied Anne’s escapism to the blogger experience. This blogger suggested that we love and identify with Anne’s imagination because we all have our own crazy imaginations. As a result, we are possibly realizing our fantasies by presenting an image on our blogs (and I guess any other social media presence) that combines our true selves with what we want people to think about us in order to appear more interesting.

What are your thoughts on this theory? Do you use social media as an outlet for your imagination? Do you use any creative gimmicks to make your blog more interesting? Do you believe you blog as yourself or with a persona to protect your identity (e.g., librarian, book nerd, teacher, newbie)?

In the book, Anne says: “Oh, what I know about myself isn’t really worth telling. If you’ll only let me tell you what I imagine about myself you’ll think it ever so much more interesting.”

I believe Anne uses her imagination in some part to overcompensate for what she believes to be her shortcomings: being an orphan, a girl and unattractive. She tries everything from changing her name to spinning dramatic tales in the hopes no one will notice her faults.

As for me, I am absolutely guilty of wearing a mask. Whenever I enter this realm, I feel like a cowgirl putting on her hat and riding off to the rodeo. Yee haw! But it’s both a natural extension of who I am and a character I’m playing. For me, this truly is a wonderful outlet for my imagination. It’s the wild wild west, baby. I’m having so much fun. I hope you are too.

Thoughts? Comments?

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