Still reading … The Hound of the Baskervilles – Week Three

houndStill enjoying The Hound of the Baskervilles as part of a read-a-long with Unputdownables. It’s a thrilling mystery but I’m so used to modern stories playing tricks and throwing sick twists at you, I have to keep in mind this mystery probably isn’t that complicated. I did think “the butler did it” at one stage, but now I’m not so sure as the list of curious characters grows. Here are my Top 5 picks for whodunit.

    1. Sir Henry Baskerville – Even though Sir Henry seems like a good guy, no one really knows anything about him since he’s been living in Canada for years. Maybe this is not the true Henry Baskerville, but an imposter who is trying to claim Baskerville Hall.
    2. James Stapleton – Oh, he may seem like a cheery fellow, but Mr. Stapleton strikes me as being a little too friendly and false. His true temperament is revealed when he blows up over Sir Henry Baskerville’s growing affection for Miss Stapleton, his sister.
    3. John Barrymore – In this case, the butler really did it. But even though he has the black beard, the suspicious behavior and a wife having nervous breakdowns at night, it just seems too easy to pinpoint the murder on him.
    4. Soon-to-be-revealed Character – Perhaps there is a character in this play yet to enter the stage, such as the mysterious figure Watson saw in the moonlight, who will prove to play an important part in this mysterious legend of the demon hound.
    5. Sir Charles Baskerville – He’s not really dead, he’s just screwing with everybody!

All right, I’ll admit. I have no clue what’s going on!


Thoughts? Comments?

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