Lemonade Revealed by Will Chluho



Lemonade Revealed is currently on tour with TLC Book Tours and I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. Please visit their website to see the rest of the tour schedule.


At an unspecified date in time, a prince and a group of refugees on rafts survive a sea storm and wash up on an unknown island in the Pacific. The prince is anxious about leading the survivors and he abandons them only to come across a stranger on the beach who says he’s from the future and offers the prince a gift and some words of advice. Fast forward to the future and generations of the refugees have made the island their home. A young boy wakes up on the beach surrounded by three of the island’s leaders: a pastor, a warrior and a trader/politician. The boy has amnesia and goes to live with each of the three leaders over the next few years, even falling in love with the trader/politician’s young daughter. But the boy has another fatherly influence in his life: Pami, a rogue hiding in a cave on the island the boy has been told to avoid. With Pami’s help, the boy learns about his past and the startling fact that someone on the island, possibly even one of the three leaders, could be his real father.


What I enjoyed the most about Lemonade Revealed was the boy’s search for meaning and to learn more about himself. I thought it was interesting how he learned about the world around him by observing the strengths and weaknesses of each “Father”. I was totally swept up into the drama surrounding his identity and the mystery of who may have been his real birth father.


As much I was intrigued by the storyline, I was left at the end of the book with many questions and much confusion. It was never clear to me the time period of the story and whether the islanders had contact with any kind of modern society because, other than an enemy we never meet in the book, they seemed completely isolated. I didn’t understand the point of the mysterious stranger who said he was a time traveler or the significance of the flashlight and why characters acted like they had never seen one before. Lastly, if the identity of the boy’s father was revealed to readers, I missed it because the ending went right over my head.


Lemonade Revealed author, Will Chluho, is formerly a Franciscan friar and has a background in philosophy and theology. I suspect that it was his intention to write about the personal journey of a young boy and infuse the story with philosophical nuggets for the reader to reflect on about the path of life. I didn’t find these nuggets too preachy and particularly liked “paddle your boat and let the horizon come to you”. I enjoyed Lemonade Revealed; however, the overall message Mr. Chluho had intended for readers is unclear to me. It will be interesting to see what he writes next.

7 comments on “Lemonade Revealed by Will Chluho

  1. Naomi
    May 30, 2014

    Can I just say that you seem like a very busy woman right now? Blog posts all over the place!

    This book sounds pretty unique. It sounds like it maybe involves some fantastical elements? At first, I thought it was a kids’ story, but then when I read The Good and The Bad, I realized it wasn’t. I really like the cover!


    • ebookclassics
      May 30, 2014

      I am all over of the place as we speak: working, writing a post, doing social media stuff for Armchair BEA, trying to decide if I should go to the gym … Help! I need some straightening out.

      As confused as I was about the story in Lemonade Revealed, I felt intuitively what the author wanted to say, but it didn’t quite come through clearly in his writing. But definitely a good writer with lots of potential. The book cover is very cool, it has the texture of a moleskin notebook and the yellow is so energetic and happy.


  2. writereads
    May 30, 2014

    Hi there busy lady!
    This book sounds super intriguing. I’ll have to put on the pile, though it sucks that his message didn’t come through particularly clearly. -Tania


    • ebookclassics
      May 30, 2014

      I plan to do absolutely nothing next week! I believe it was the author’s first book, so I’m sure he’s still finding his way as a writer.


  3. Heather J. @ TLC
    June 1, 2014

    “paddle your boat and let the horizon come to you” I like this one as well – it makes so much sense to me.

    Thanks for being on the tour!


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