Character Study – The Americans Edition

CHARACTER STUDY is my feature on the book characters great actors have played.

One of the shows I’m currently watching is Season 1 of The Americans starring Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell. The show takes place in the 1980s during the Cold War and is about two Soviet KGB agents who were chosen to marry, go to the States and raise a family while acting as undercover operatives. The show is action-packed with the drama heavily focused on the politics of the time and the marital challenges of the main characters.

With the recent airing of the BBC’s adaptation of Death Comes To Pemberley on PBS (which I have yet to still watch), I thought it would be fun to look at the book characters Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell have played over the years.

* * *



Death Comes To Pemberley (2013) – Based on the novel of the same name by P.D. James, Matthew plays Fitzwilliam Darcy six years after marrying Elizabeth Bennett when a murder takes place at Pemberley.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2012) – Based on the novel of the same name by Charles Dickens, Matthew plays Edwin Drood whose uncle holds a murderous hatred for him because of his engagement to a lovely young girl.

The Lost World (2001) – Based on the novel of the same name by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Matthew plays journalist Edward Malone.

* * *



Austenland (2013) – Based on the novel of the same name by Shannon Hale, Keri plays Jane Hayes, an obsessed Mr. Darcy fan who visits a Jane Austen-themed resort in England. I have to admit I watched half of this movie and couldn’t finish it. It was just awful!

Extraordinary Measures (2010) – Based on the book The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million – And Bucked the Medical Establishment – in a Quest to Save His Children by Geeta Anand, Keri plays Aileen Crowley, the mother of children with Pompe’s disease who forms a research company with her husband.

The Lottery (1996) – Based on the short story of the same name by Shirley Jackson, Keri plays Felice Dunbar, a young girl who helps the main character discover a small town’s deadly secret.

Have you read any of these books or seen the movies? Are you watching The Americans?


Thoughts? Comments?

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